Artesian Doll Pepote Cotton Candy Dulce - Blue Hair

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Each doll boasts colourful pastel hair and wears either a cute sparkly or ballerina-inspired outfit. These artisan dolls are lovingly handmade, ensuring that each one is truly unique. 
At Nines D'Onil, a commitment to crafting products with love in the traditional way is paramount. All dolls are lovingly created by hand in Spain, reflecting the care and dedication of the artisans.
Nines d'Onil Pepote Cotton Candy dolls are the perfect gift for any child who loves to play and dream. With two styles available, Dulce and Jelly Bean, collectors can expand their collection and immerse themselves in a world of fun.

Key Facts:

  • Body: Vinyl with movable limbs
  • Anatomically correct: Yes
  • Scented: Light Vanilla Scent
  • Clothing: Outfit and Pacifier
  • Soft Body: No
  • Crying: No

Step into the enchanting world of Nines d'Onil, where every doll is a masterpiece crafted by hand, making them not just toys but cherished collector's items. Established in 1985, Nines Artesanals d'Onil has been a beacon of tradition and quality, passed down through generations, embodying values of authenticity and exclusivity.

Handcrafted with care and attention to detail, each Nines d'Onil doll bears the Craftsmanship Seal of the Valencian Community, endorsing their meticulous procedures. The Origin Seal further attests to their tradition and quality, ensuring that every doll is a testament to Spanish craftsmanship.

Proud members of the Spanish Association of Early Childhood Products (ASEPRI) since 2020, Nines d'Onil is committed to upholding their heritage and contributing to the national identity. Their dolls are also endorsed by AIJU and comply with European Toy Safety Legislation, ensuring safety and quality.

But Nines d'Onil dolls are more than just playthings; they're tools for imagination and empathy. From fostering symbolic play in children to aiding emotional well-being in individuals with Alzheimer's or dementia, these dolls serve diverse purposes, spreading joy and comfort.

Partnering with local businesses for high-quality fabrics, Nines d'Onil remains dedicated to preserving artisanal production, proudly bearing the "Origin" seal and the Valencian Community Artisan Qualification badge. Their collaboration with ASEPRI and endorsement by the Spain Brand further validate their commitment to excellence.

Discover the magic of Nines d'Onil and explore similar wonders from brands like Paola Reina and Berjuan. With Nines d'Onil, every doll is not just a toy but a timeless treasure waiting to be cherished.