Clixo - Magnetic play

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A modern, magnetic play experience packed with boundless possibilities. This Crew pack is a flurry of creative possibilities from pinwheels to propellers! It contains 30 pieces in 8 unique Clixo shapes, including 2 spinners. Made for kids and kids at heart age 4+. Choose from 3 different color options and give it a whirl!
Flexible & Magnetic
Flex Clixo pieces into shape and snap them in position with the strong and secure magnets. Clean up is a snap when you can quickly and easily stack all the pieces together. Plus, they're dishwasher safe!

Explore New Ways to Play
Through exploring different combinations of shapes and magnets, the pack facilitates fun, freeform experimentation. Learn science, spatial, and tactile skills from turning flat shapes into 3D objects. Built-in constraints foster creativity, patience, and persistence.

Fits in your Hand
Take them with you wherever you go, Clixo pack compact and light, ready for adventures. Clixo packs are light and compact, perfect for creating or wearing, at home or on the go.
Plastic-Free Packaging
Our packaging is recyclable and compostable, made out of bamboo pulp and kraft paper.