Dino-Mite BambinoCino 240ml

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The 'Dino-Mite' BambinoCino reusable cup is designed for older toddlers, being double the size of the BBcino cups at 240ml, making them an ideal choice for older children. These cups are perfect for kids who have outgrown their BBcino cups and constantly request refills, while also allowing them to coordinate with their siblings or favorite adults using BiggieCino cups.

The BambinoCino cups are versatile, suitable for hot chocolates, smoothies, milkshakes, juices, XL babycinos, and even mid-sized coffees for parents. Each cup comes with its own reusable silicone straw, reducing mess and spillage, leading to fewer tantrums.

Includes straw
These cups are dishwasher safe (YAY!!). However please note they are NOT microwave safe.