Magnetic Tiles - 110 piece set

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Introducing these large square magnetic tiles, featuring added magnets for expanded building capabilities.
Enhanced with a double row of magnets on the car base, these tiles provide a stable platform for little ones' creations.

Crafted with new, stronger ABS plastic and an internal logo for a flat, scratch-resistant surface, these magnetic tiles are built to last. Designed to spark imagination and inspire open-ended play, these tiles offer endless possibilities for creativity.

From rockets to houses, castles to road tracks, or even imaginary worlds, what will we build today? The 110-piece set includes a car base, perfect for crafting inventive vehicles to roam through your tile town.

Magnetic tiles provide children with open-ended experiences, limited only by their imagination. Each tile boasts strong magnets, allowing for tall buildings and sturdy structures that won't collapse easily, offering frustration-free play for little builders.

Expand play opportunities by adding additional sets, as these tiles are compatible with all major brands.

The 110 piece set includes:

  • 6 large squares - 2 x red, 2 x blue and 2 x yellow 
  • 40 small squares - 6 x red, 7 x blue, 7 x green, 6 x yellow, 7 x purple & 7 x orange 
  • 14 equilateral triangles - 4 x red, 4 x blue, 3 x green and 3 x yellow
  • 14 right-angled triangles - 3 x red, 3 x blue, 4 x purple and 4 x orange 
  • 14 isosceles triangles - 4 x green, 4 x yellow, 3 x purple and 3 x orange 
  • 8 half squares - 2 x red, 2 x blue and 4 x green
  • 7 windows - 3x purple and 4 x orange 
  • 6 hollow squares - 3 x yellow and 3 x purple 
  • 1 car - green