Little Baxter Bunny Blue Soft Toy 25cm

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Little Baxter Bunny Soft, the most adorable pint-sized plushie crafted with love by OB in Australia. Baster may be small at 25cm, but he's bursting with charm and sweetness, making the perfect companion for your little ones. Handcrafted with premium materials by our skilled artisans, this cutie is designed to bring endless joy.

* Suitable for Ages 0+
* Toy 25 cm long
* Weighted beads in arms, legs & belly
* Removable baby toy hook so it doesn’t get lost
* Made by a Sedex audited Manufacturer
* Interior of toys are recycled material
* 100% Polyester interior and exterior

Welcome to OB, where sustainability meets creativity in every toy and accessory created. Founded by Kate and Luke in 2008 in Byron Bay, Australia, OB began with a mission to craft children’s toys and accessories that reflect the beauty of their surroundings while using sustainable materials.