Ziggy Bunny Soft Cream Comforter Toy 30cm

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Meet Ziggy Bunny, the Reggae Singer who enjoys Beach Hangs and Tofu Dinner!

Crafted by OB Designs in Australia, our beloved baby comforter toys are designed to help settle babies to sleep peacefully. Their flat, lightweight design makes them easy for little ones to snuggle, aiding parents in transitioning away from co-sleeping arrangements. Infused with the comforting scent of their parents, these toys provide a soothing companion for your precious little one.

Inspired by the tranquil hues of Byron Bay and its surrounds, our comforter toys feature a soft color palette that adds to their irresistible charm. At OB Designs, we are dedicated to exceptional design. Each toy is meticulously crafted by master craftsmen using high-quality materials, ensuring durability, safety, and plush comfort.

Bring home Ziggy Bunny today and discover why our comforter toys are cherished by families around the world.

Welcome to OB, where sustainability meets creativity in every toy and accessory created. Founded by Kate and Luke in 2008 in Byron Bay, Australia, OB began with a mission to craft children’s toys and accessories that reflect the beauty of their surroundings while using sustainable materials.