Feeling and Emotion Flash Cards

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Do you have a little person in your life who experiences big emotions and could benefit from a tool to recognize and navigate these feelings? Look no further, as these flash cards might just be the perfect solution!

Get ready to plunge into a world of discovery with these 20 flash cards designed to supercharge interaction with kiddos! These cards aren't your ordinary squares of paper; they're the catalyst for enhancing communication skills and nurturing that curious mindset in young learners.

Embark on a colourful journey into the realm of feelings and emotions with these beautifully illustrated flash cards. Each card is a vibrant window into a different emotion, accompanied by descriptive words that make learning an absolute joy.

Crafted with precision, each card is laminated for durability and features rounded corners for safety because we believe in making learning both sturdy and fun. And guess what? These gems are proudly made in Australia on environmentally friendly paper, because nurturing young minds also means caring for our planet.

Sized at a perfect 10cm x 15cm, this pack is tailor-made for ages 3 and up. But hey, a friendly reminder: Keep an eye on the little explorers under 3 during card time. We want their learning experience to be filled with excitement, not surprises! And remember, these cards are for exploring emotions, not for snacking on. Safety first, folks!

So, grab these flash cards and let the adventure of learning begin! It's time to boost interaction, ignite curiosity, and make exploring feelings and emotions an engaging and colourful journey for everyone involved!

Two Little Ducklings is a boutique stationery brand with a focus on educational products, greeting cards and letter writing packs. Taking traditional concepts and putting a modern spin on them, with unique and fun designs.