Mini Blossom Streamers - Silk & Wood Wand

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Get ready to add a touch of magic to playtime with these enchanting wooden wands, each adorned with a shimmering silk streamer and topped off with a decorative wooden bead. Whether you're waving them in the wind, crafting imaginary letters in the air, or engaging in pretend fishing or dancing, these wands promise endless fun and creativity.

Choose from an array of vibrant color options, including Heart with a striking red heart bead, Rainbow featuring a round purple bead, Desert with a natural wood bead, or Star boasting a gleaming golden star bead.

Available in two sizes to suit different ages and preferences, there's the Mini version, featuring 91.44 cm of silk on a 20.32 cm wooden wand, suitable for ages 3 and up, and the Large option, offering a generous 274.32 cm of silk on a 45.72 cm wooden wand, ideal for ages 5 and up.

Prepare to ignite the imagination and embark on endless adventures with these whimsical wands