Nipspray - Sterile Nipple Spray

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Nipspray, the ultimate companion for your recovery journey. Harnessing the age-old healing properties of saltwater remedies, our Nipspray offers unparalleled convenience and effectiveness, allowing you to tend to your sore nipples effortlessly, even on the move.
Key Features:

  • Centuries-Proven Healing: Benefit from the time-tested efficacy of saltwater remedies, meticulously crafted into our Nipspray for modern-day convenience.

  • Easy Application: With our user-friendly spray design, soothing relief is just a spray away. Simply apply directly to the affected area between feedings.

  • Prepares for Further Relief: Prime your nipples for optimal comfort by using Nipspray before applying Silvernips or Hydronips, ensuring comprehensive care.

  • Sterile Solution: Rest easy knowing our Nipspray is crafted with 100% sterile solution, prioritizing hygiene and safety.

  • Balanced Sodium Content: Formulated with 0.9% sodium chloride, our Nipspray offers a gentle yet effective solution for sore nipples.

  • Feeding-Friendly: With no need to rinse off before feeding, Nipspray seamlessly integrates into your breastfeeding routine, providing uninterrupted care.

  • Baby-Safe: Gentle on your nipples and entirely safe for your baby, our Nipspray is the perfect ally for both you and your little one.

Discover your Boobies Bestie in our Nipspray. Experience the comfort and relief you deserve, whenever and wherever you need it most. Try it now and redefine your breastfeeding journey with our Nipspray solution.