Rainbow Garland - 100% Mulberry Silk Ribbon Headband

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Garlands can be worn simply on the head or waist, or combined with our Playsilks to fashion skirts, pants, headdresses, and more. 

Dress-up Play is a child's domain, offering cognitive, physical, social, and emotional benefits. Open-ended play with dress-up costumes allows children to unleash their imagination and foster their independence. With Dramatic Play, the child's imagination knows no bounds. Our costume pieces evolve with each child's unique creative needs, providing years of enduring play value as they transform into limitless characters, places, or things.

100% Pure Mulberry Silk, sustainably sourced, heavyweight
Dyes, eco-friendly and non-toxic
Fits: Most children 3+, even adults
Dimensions: C 46-71cm
Weight: 30g